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Once Upon a Time......

 投稿者:Ruby  投稿日:2007年12月15日(土)22時33分56秒
  通報 編集済
  (Sorry for my poor English...because i don't know japanese)
Hello, I'm Ruby and I'm from Hong Kong
Long Time ago, I drew this picture when i was listening Once Upon a Time.
I like your songs very much!
Especially "Number 5", "ロマンティック気分で", "Lookin' through the rainbow", "Winter cheek 35" ,"Melt into the sky", "BRASSY", "Once Upon a Time", "微笑む天使のように"...etc(I Bought Every Album!)
I haven't posted my drawing here before because It's too shy to post here for you.......><

At last, I knew that you would stop your music event.(I have no chance to go to your live(T_T))
And I think this is the last chance to give you the picture.
Hope you will like it. ><
And Wish you Luck^^

<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v508/ruby99173/MUD%20R/copyright/sugi1.jpg">
(if the picture cannot be shown. please click the url)



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