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 投稿者:Sandra  投稿日:2017年10月25日(水)16時10分18秒
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Response from "itsjustdad" 2 

 投稿者:川島高峰メール  投稿日:2002年10月13日(日)03時19分19秒
  Why does the rest of the world think we are blind? (2)

And I am not reading into it because it is so blatant.....yet it
appears to be effective in terms of American public opinion. Anyone
speaking as I do is un-American...right?....or anti-semitic.....Right?
Then we listen to Europeans saying that Americans are blind. So we
call them names when the answer is simple. They aren't watching the
same things we are when it comes to the Middle East. Which seems more
likely?....that the European media and that of the rest of the world
are fabricating events which happen there and are hiring actors for
the videotapes they present on the news to perpetrate a hoax or that
the American media is simply selectively omitting those events from
their news coverage?

The American media have been reporting in this way for years and our
politicians have been setting policy accordingly for as many years.
How does a politician stand a chance at staying in office if he/she is
targeted by a collective combination of very influential special
interest groups campaign contributors from large corporations who are
pro-Israel AND a biased media who will drag them through the mud.

What is sickening is that in light of 9/11 they are still doing it.
How about trying to address the root causes of what happened in
addition to going after and punisheing the perpetrators.

The rest of the world seems to know why we were attacked yet we
don't. Oh yeah......we were attacked because these people "hate
freedom". I guess there are some people who are ready to kill
themselves because they hate freedom so much. I guess the only country
which truly loves freedom is the United States. The Europeans Asians
Russians etc. don't agree with our policies because they don't love

So who is really at fault here? If one were to try to blame an entity
which is not that hard to change in order to effect a subsequent
change in policies which would then lead to a solution I would have
to blame the American media for their failure to present a true
picture of the Middle East and our role in it.

A change in that combined with genuine UN Security Council reform
which eliminates the 5 country permanent veto power would begin the
process of promoting global cooperation and effective support for the
war against terror.



Response from "itsjustdad" 1

 投稿者:川島高峰メール  投稿日:2002年10月13日(日)03時17分40秒
  Why does the rest of the world think we are blind? (1)

Do a search on UN Security Council reform and see what you find. You
will see a cartoon of Uncle Sam walking a dove on a leash. Why?
Because there are only 5 countries which have exclusive veto
power...The US Great Britain China France and Russia. If you check
the veto record (difficult to find by the way)you will see that the
veto power has been abused(overused) by only one country.....the US.
Most of the vetoes have been for the purpose of preventing the UN from
following through on UN Resolutions 242 and 338 which Israel has been
violating it since it was passed. The US wont even approve UN
observers to go there to monitor because Israel doesn't want it. Yet
George Bush can stand up and tell the UN that it will be a failure if
they don't allow a follow through on Iraq's violation of UN

Does most of the public in the United States realize this? The answer
is no. That's the "majority" of the American media at work. Do they
realize the hypocracy of Bush's statements in the rest of the world?
The answer is yes. They aren't sheltered from it by their media. That
is why their views differ. They sit down to watch television news and
read the newspaper the same as we do.

The difference is that when it comes to the Middle East they see
balanced reporting and we do not. I have (over the past two years
collected thousands of pages of online newspaper clippings from here
and abroad to prove my point. I have hundreds of A-B comparisons of
news reports from there and here which illustrate the point.

Our reports of events which happen in Israel/Palestine don't even
match most the Israeli media reports. The difference is that the
moderate and liberal Israeli newspapers aren't afraid to report in a
balanced way yet most American newspapers are. I think that many of
our politicians don't look any further than the major American
networks for news from there. I read the moderate Israeli websites
such as Ha'aretz every day. Then I turn on news programs such as CNN
and it's like hearing about a completely different subject and
sometimes it appears that they are speaking about an entirely
different region of the world.


Responses 2192002

 投稿者:川島高峰メール  投稿日:2002年 9月22日(日)20時17分26秒
  Until today responses to "The Unwished Encounter" are as following
My comment to them will be introduced next month. 
Only what I say now is to protest expresion "jap" and before wishing
only to know "solution" must learn "The Unwished Encounter" the Rest
never wish to enxounter the solution by the West.

Welcome Kawashima. The Japanese own some of the most ancient
genealogies in the world. How about you? I am interested in
entitlements how people get permission to do what they do. Your
theme is timely and inportant.

Welcome from all I am sure..I am most interested in your thoughts and
opinions on the world today..Japan has become a technological giant in todays
world..I read your discourse "The UnWished Encounter" but find no solutions
in your paper..please elaborate..--

Listen up you mangled jap what the hell are you talking about encounter the encounter of the encounter. Soon our antagonist are going to be asking why the west hates them give it a little more time.